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5 Hacks for Creating & Delivering a Powerful Business Presentation

5 Ways To Start Learning Business Presentation

Powerful business presentation is much more than just a bunch of nice-looking slides; it is a great way to deliver key information regarding your topic (product development, market expansion, new project proposal, and many others).

People who are able to make powerful business presentations are generally more persuasive and often achieve their business objectives more effectively and efficiently.

On the other hand, those who are unable to make their business presentations more powerfully find it more difficult to convince others of their message.

In this post, you’ll find the 5 hacks to help you prepare and deliver a powerful business presentation:

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1. Set a Goal for Your Business Presentation

The success of any business presentation is measured by what the audience does after the message. The big question to ask yourself at the start is, ‘What do you want your audience to do after they finish listening to your presentation. Do remember to make your objective clear, achievable and measurable – this way, it will be easier to know if you have achieved success with your presentation. And lastly, when presenting, don’t forget to tell the audience at the start what the objective is as it will help them to stay interested in your message.

2. Master Your Content

The last thing you want to do is to appear weak and unsure when making your presentation. Therefore, to appear confident, you need to master your content in order to sound more credible. Will you be putting any key statistics or data to strengthen your message? Be sure you know this data inside out in case there are any questions from the audience. And finally, don’t forget to practice a few times to really get familiar with the topic.

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3. Structure Your Business Presentation into a Story

When structuring your business presentation, try and use the concept of a storyline. Basically, all stories have a common structure – it starts with an opening or background, then moves to the key messages and finally closes with the conclusion or key takeaways. Using a strong storyline will reinforce your message and get your audience be more engaged and remember your message more vividly.

4. Maintain Eye-contact and Smile

Now let’s talk about the delivery – a very big part of your delivery is your eye-contact and smile – this is the one thing that the audience notices. If you give good eye-contact and have a pleasant natural smile, the audience tends to think that you are confident and credible and believes you more. In addition, they will also respond to you more favorably.

However, if you do not give them eye-contact and appear nervous, the audience assumes you are unsure about your message and thus finds it difficult to believe your message. Maintaining enough eye-contact and smile may take some practice, so make sure you ask a friend you know and trust to give you feedback as you practice your presentations.

5. Always end on a High

Typically, what you say at the end of your presentation skills is something your audience will take home and remember for a long period of time. So instead of just saying, ‘That’s all from me, thank you”, try to end off with something more powerful and memorable. One way to do it is through a quote or a rhyme, which is related to your business presentation; this will ensure that it is catchy and easy-to-be-remembered by your audience.

So those are 5 hacks to make your next business presentation a powerful one! Feel free to try it out and let us know how it worked for you – good luck!

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