Success Stories

Here are some Successful Case-Studies of Organizations Who Have Benefited from our Services


An International NGO engaged us to conduct a basic Customer-Service Workshop for their team of Volunteers tasked to manage their first retail store in a prestigious mall in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our team customized and delivered this practical and fun workshop and participants were then able to deliver world-class customer service to their customers.


One of the top 10 Banks in Indonesia created an IDEA Competition among its staff to gather creative ideas to help the business become more relevant to today’s customer. Our Team conducted and coached the competition teams on how to create and deliver presentations to ‘Sell their Ideas’. We worked with the teams to strengthen their content and delivery, which got them to ‘Sell their Ideas’ more confidently to the Judges


One of the largest American banks was interested in having an offsite for its entire team to boost their Motivation and Communication Skills. We created an interactive workshop with concepts and activities which helped participants work more effectively with their colleagues across the organization.


A large Australian bank hired us to work with a small group of Private Bankers to boost their Influencing Skills to build greater trust from their High Net Worth Clients. We customized a workshop to boost their appearance, body language and influencing skills which helped them sell more to their existing and new customers.


A large, International Pharmaceuticals business was interested in strengthening their team’s Professional Image and Etiquette. We conducted a workshop focusing on Professional Appearance, Grooming (and Make-up for the ladies), Etiquette and Communication. This was beneficial as participants left with greater confidence to help them achieve higher sales with their customers.


An International French-based Beauty business wanted to equip their brand ambassadors with the relevant techniques to deliver world-class customer service to their high-end customers. We created a series of workshops to help them learn (and practice) practical techniques on customer service. As a result, participants left with the knowledge and skills and were able to serve high-end customers with greater success.


A large Swedish Cosmetics business engaged us to improve and standardize the Customer Service levels among their branches across Indonesia. We started by interviewing their Customers, then created a Customer Service Manual and finally delivered a few rounds of Customer Service training. The result: A significantly higher level of Customer Service across all branches in Indonesia.


An Asia-based Fashion business engaged us to motivate their Consultants (in Indonesia, Malaysia and The Philippines) to improve their mindset and behavior to achieve greater results in less time. Our team created a highly-energized workshop filled with activities and practical techniques that left participants inspired to immediately use these techniques in their daily lives.

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