Why Communication?

1. We Communicate EVERYDAY

From the time we wake up till the time we go to bed, we are communicating – whether it is reading or replying messages, buying or selling something, or just staying in touch!

2. Greater INFLUENCE

In business, it’s difficult to achieve success without the ability to influence our Employees (to work), our Vendors and Suppliers (to support) and our Customers (to purchase our products)!

3. Powerful Impressions

They say don’t judge a book by its cover – but people are always judging us through our appearance, body language, voice and words – this creates a Powerful Impression!

4. Enhanced TRUST

Trust is the most important emotion in business – if customers trust us, they will buy our products. If people find us credible, they will want to work with us!

5. Stronger Rapport

With a strong connection with stakeholders, we create a foundation that makes it easier to achieve our business targets and KPIs!

6. ENGAGED Employees

Engaged employees equals greater performance. Use the right words and they will be motivated. Use the wrong words and the motivation is lost – the choice is ours!

7. Greater SALES

When we listen actively to our customers’ needs and explain our products clearly and confidently, we end up getting more sales!


In business, mistakes cost money, time and energy. When we understand our listeners before sharing our ideas, there’s less chance of a miscommunication!

9. Common Perception

When we seek to understand (and share our concerns with) our listener better, it helps to ensure our message is perceived correctly!

10. More RESULTS – Less TIME

When we communicate effectively, we achieve greater results, personally and professionally, in significantly less time!


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