Welcome to CommunicatingWorld!

CommunicatingWorld is an Asia-based training firm, providing training, coaching and consulting in the area of Communication. We believe Communication is a crucial part of any business – the better you communicate, the greater the results you get!

The Beginning

In March 2005, we identified a growing trend of MNCs investing in people development, especially their soft skills. With that, we set up SuccessWorkz, a training and coaching company focused on Leadership, Attitude, Motivation, Communication, Team building and many others soft skills.

Over the years, we trained hundreds of professionals across Asia. We also learnt that people and businesses have great ideas and products but were not able to achieve the results they wanted because they were not communicating effectively. As we delivered more Communication Skills programs, we developed a passion for it and excelled at it!

Communicating the World

In 2015, we made a commitment to establish ourselves as a reputable training partner in the area of communication and have successfully managed to achieve this. We sharpened our focus and rebranded ourselves as CommunicatingWorld.

Today we provide customized, innovative and high-quality training, coaching and consulting solutions, helping some of the world’s greatest global companies achieve greater productivity, performance and business growth. At the same time, we continue to improve our processes and come up with innovative learning methods to create a World-Class learning experience for every participant.

The Road Ahead

As we move forward, we see change coming in very fast – from how people run businesses to how they learn and communicate on a daily basis. We strive to stay ahead of this curve – for us, our clients and our participants – so that we remain relevant and competitive.

As always, our commitment,
in line with our slogan ‘#GreaterCommunicationfor
GreaterResults’, is to help as many people and businesses achieve greater performance and business results by communicating more effectively.

The CommunicatingWorld Team

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