Training Approach

How do we ensure Maximum Training Effectiveness?

We’ve been in the Industry long enough to know that what makes training effective is not just what happens inside the classroom – it’s what we do before, during and after that creates significant change.

This is why we invest our time and energy into perfecting our approach, which has proven to add great value to our clients throughout the years.

These are the steps we take to ensure spectacular results.

Customize the Content to
Your Specific Business Needs

·- Understand Your Business, Products & Customers
– In-Depth Discussions with HR/Management
– Focus Group Discussions with Participants

Build Readiness & Excitement for the Learning Experience

– Welcome Email & Things to Prepare
– Techniques to Maximize the Learning Experience
– Individual Questionnaires and Articles to Read

Deliver a Powerful, World-Class Learning Experience

– Updated Knowledge and Practical Concepts
– Energetic Delivery and Interactive Discussions
– Role-Plays, Practice Session and Energizers
– Personal Action Plans and Individual Commitment
– Training Materials, Certificates & Group Photographs

Boost Training Effectiveness & Success

– Summary of Participants’ Feedback
– Email Summary of Key Lessons Learnt
– In-depth debrief with HR/Management

Maximize Return on Training Investment

– E-mails to follow-through on Participants’ Action Plans
– Follow-Up Sessions or Assignments to ensure Key Lessons are Applied
– Unlimited Email/Phone Access to our Facilitators

If you have an ideas or wish to us to focus on any steps to ensure greater success, please feel free to let us know – we are happy to collaborate using your ideas to achieve even greater results.

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