Here’s What Participants Say About Our Training Programs

“The training program is very useful in my professional life. Beside that, it can enhance my soft skills.”

Aditya Danu Harjana

“The training is helpful for me to understand my weaknesses in communication and help me to understand how to make it better.”

Lucia Kumalasari

“Really good training with a great trainer & team, actually uploaded videos during class were really great that help us to know ourselves more .”

Nissa Arryani

“It was a great one day workshop session with Communicatingworld. I found myself entertained as much as I learned new things. The session was conducted professionally!”

Ni Made Maylananda Maharani Wisna

” I should join this class sooner 🙂 Thanks a lot for the meaningful program, tips and tricks which are very valuable to improve my presentation skill!”

Monica Winata

“Thank you for this life changing training. Now I know how to articulate my ideas into structured presentation as well as deliver it in good & attractive manner.”

Wilson Cristian

“It’s one of the best workshops I ever participated. The materials & trainer are very professional. I like that it was done in small class so everyone has chance to learn more intensively and get better feedback.”

Annisa P Nanda

“Trainingnya sangat practical, sangat applicable dalam kehidupan pekerjaan sehari2. Thanks CommunicatingWorld”

Siti Rumsari (Arum)

“Gulshan was awesome as usual, will definitely be a memorable class and totally hoping to have another session with him. The most interesting thing about his class is, I never seem to ever want to miss his class, might be one of his charms. Cheers from your beloved student! “

Elizabeth Stephanie

Training from communicating world is unlike any other training I’ve ever done. It was so insightful but never bored you a second. The content delivered is very compact but I can accept it so clearly and easily. The way that the CW want us to improve is very effective because we were helped by given our after-before video presentation prcatice. It is a very worth it investment to get CW as your partner to train for any kind of your communications-related neccessity. Thank you!

Hani Dwi Hapsari

This is such a great learning for me to refresh the mind and emotion. It feels like I am much more compassed especially by emotion.

Fiorent Christie

“It is inspired..! Now we know our limit and how ti break the limit..very good..trainer completely competent..thank you for the journey..!!”

Ari Kurnia

“This training provide a wonderful method and easy to apply. So much learning and help me improve my presentation in 2 days.”

Ajeng Laksmita Nareswari

“Everytime I got the training from communicating world, I left the room with smile and confidence. What an impactful training!”

Dimas Gamma Lukito

“I had a great time following the two days training. The materials are straight forward,efficient, easy to digest. I hope I can apply the good things I learned in here. Especially in cultivating positivity believe and the assertive communication.”

Amanda Larasati

” A lot of things in the material is something I learned and often forgot about it, thank you for the reminder. It was a great time for learning”

Rocky Joe

“Training sangat membantu membuat presentase yang bagus, membangun rasa percaya diri dan connect to audience”

Tuty Tumanggor

“Greater session with Communicating World. I’ve so many improvement about my soft-skills after joining training sessions”

Dimas Angga Kusuma

“Thank you for this life changing training. Now I know how to articulate my ideas into structured presentation as well as deliver it in good & attractive manner”

Wilson Cristian

Training ini sangat bermanfaat untuk meningkatkan efektifitas penyampaian presentasi bisnis. Fasilitator sangat profesional dan mempunyai kemampuan public speaking yang sangat baik, mudah dimengerti dan mudah untuk diimplementasikan.

Wulan Sari

“This is such a great learning for me to refresh the mind and emotion. It feels like I am much more compassed especially by emotion.”

Sandra Putri Salzani

“It’s fun! I learned a lot, especially because I can join directly in every activities. So I can reviewed my own issues as well at the end of the day. Hope that Mr. Gulshan will add phone call training in the future.”

Tanya Permata Hati Rivai

“This program is highly effective for a junior professional who just started their career. I truly recommend this for young professionals like me to start their basic professional communication skills.”

Kintan Azzahra

“Super Duper Helpful, this training save my life, I thought I was doing good but I realize there are a lot to improve for my skill.”

Ira Indira Putri

“Succes comes to those who can create and deliver HIGH IMPACT presentations, Thank you CommunicatingWorld to facilitate me improving my presentation skill.”

Lucky Bagus Septyo

“I joined this 2-days intensive program and I learned so many new techniques and ways to present with impact. I enjoyed every second of it very much.”

Clarissa Merry

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