Professional Image & Etiquette

professional image and etiquette group for company

“Etiquette means behaving yourself
a little better than absolutely essential.”

Will Cuppy

Learn the Rules of Business Etiquette.
Master the Art of Meaningful Conversations.
Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition.

Importance to the Business

Every business today is trying their best to differentiate themselves from their competitors through a variety of ways – their branding, corporate colors, key messages and images, etc. However, they often forget that they also need to differentiate their people – the ones who represent the business in the eyes of their internal and external stakeholders.

The Challenges Faced

People create impressions through their communication – this includes their appearance, body language, voice and words. If they communicate professionally, they create and leave a positive impression. If they communicate unprofessionally, they create a negative impression. Over time, this impacts what customers think and feel about the organization, and eventually impacts their decision to do business with them or not.

Our Unique Solution

We work with people to help strengthen the impression they create. We start out with the basic – professional appearance dressing to suit your role and industry, all the way to sharpening their body language and voice. Next, we look into powerful handshakes and introductions, and lastly deep dive into having meaningful conversations. This helps them to present themselves confidently, set a professional impression, and stand apart from the people around them!

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