What Makes Us Different?

As the leading services firm in Asia in the area of communication, we are confident that we have what it takes to help you boost your productivity, profitability, competitiveness and organizational growth!

We’re Passionate About Communication

We love communication and believe that no matter what business you’re in, if you communicate more effectively, you will achieve greater results (and in less time!). As we see more of our clients benefit from our work, we are driven to do even better each day. When we put our heart and soul into what we do, you get high-quality solutions for your business!

Our Approach Drives Real Change

We don’t just come in, deliver a program, and leave. We’re different. We first try to understand the challenge you’re facing, then we customize and deliver a program to address that challenge. Finally, we follow up to ensure that participants apply the lessons learnt. The result – real change that boosts your business performance!

Our Programs Are Highly-Engaging

​The objective of training is not accumulating knowledge – it’s inspiring people to use this knowledge. This is why our programs blend the latest best-practices from around the world with interactive discussions, case-studies, role-plays, and fun activities. When participants are engaged, they’re more likely to use what they have learnt!​

Our Consultants Understand Asia

​Asia is our home. We have consultants in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India and China who understand local business practices and culture. In addition, we are able to deliver our programs either in English or in the local language – or a combination of both. For you, this means nothing ever gets lost in translation! ​

We’ve Got Years of Experience With Multinationals

Over the past 13 years, we’ve had the opportunity to add value to many Fortune 500 organizations. They include Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, Arnott’s, DBS, L’Oréal, Oriflame, Johnson and Johnson, Nestlé, Siemens, Roche, Merck and many others. Our experience means we are familiar with the challenges you face! ​


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