In-House Training

Training is the core of our business. This is what we are most passionate abogut and what we do best.

We also know that the objective of training is NOT accumulating knowledge – it’s inspiring people to USE this knowledge. This is why we put our heart and soul to make each training program effective and memorable.


In-House or Customized Training refers to training programs that are delivered solely for your team or organization. So far, this is the most popular choice as we can customize the content, delivery, duration, date and location to your requirements. In addition, we are able to use real-life case-studies from within your organization to supplement the training content. We are quite flexible in our approach – we can deliver programs in your local language as well as conduct it on weekdays or weekends.

Choose from our In-House Training Solutions:

1. Intensive Workshops

Our workshops are intensive sessions where participants learn relevant knowledge, practice the skills in class and receive feedback from the participants and facilitators. The group size ranges from 6 to 25 participants and are deliberately capped for maximum effectiveness and interaction. These workshops – generally last between half-day and three-days – are most effective in helping participants learn and practice new skills in a short period of time.

2. Interactive Seminars

We also conduct Seminars, where participants learn relevant knowledge and get a chance to practice the skills among fellow participants. Here the group size can range anywhere between 25 to 200 participants, and are normally effective for lighter topics. They generally last for two-hours to one full-day, and are effective in increasing participants’ knowledge and exposure to new ideas or theories.

3. Lunchtime Sessions

Sometimes people do not have the time or luxury to attend long training programs – this may be because of time constraints or urgent deadlines. For that, we have prepared shorter sessions where knowledge is condensed into powerful and easy-to-understand key points. The focus is more on knowledge and not so much practice or feedback. And you have the option to have small or medium group sizes – anywhere from 8 to 25 people – and you can conduct it over lunch or on any afternoon.

In addition, we are also able to offer you the following training solutions:
– Our Facilitators can Deliver Your Internal Training Programs
– Your Internal Facilitators can Deliver Our Training Programs
– Create & Deliver a Bespoke Training Program to Your Teams
– Create a Bespoke Training Program for Your Internal Facilitators to Deliver
– Revamp Your Existing Training Program to make it more Interactive & Effective

Have any specific request that’s not here? Let us know and we’ll look into it right away

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