Our Identity

Established in 2005, CommunicatingWorld is a World-Class, Asia-based services firm specialized in the area of Communication. We provide customized, innovative and high-quality Training, Coaching and Consulting solutions to help you boost your productivity, profitability, competitiveness, and organizational growth.


Inspire people to achieve greater success through greater communication


With our passion for communication and years of experience with MNCs in Asia, we create world-class learning experiences that merge the latest knowledge and learning approaches to inspire people to boost their  communication skills and achieve greater results

Our Logo & Slogan

Our Core Values

At CommunicatingWorld, our Core Values – represented by the 5 Lotus Flower Petals – are our DNA.

Our Beliefs

Here are some beliefs that guide the way we work and the decisions we make

1. Everyone has the Ability to Change.

With the right Motivation (WHY), Knowledge (WHAT) and Skills (HOW), everyone can create significant, lasting change in their lives. This is why our programs aim to balance these three elements to create a powerful change process in their lives.

2. Communication is the #1 Skill for Success

No matter what business you are in, what products you are selling or even what role you have in an organization, if you are able to communicate more effectively, you will be able to achieve greater success. For this reason, we have chosen to make Communication the area of our focus.

3. Pre-Training & Post-Training is as important as the Training

Learning is a journey that starts even before the classroom experience. Because of this, we design our programs to prepare participants even before they enter the classroom and help them sustain the learning after the classroom experience is over.

4. Fun + Engaging + Memorable = Effective

Learning does not have to be overly serious and boring. In fact, people learn more when they are having fun! We also want our participants to have fun and remember the learning, which is why we incorporate ice-breakers, discussions, activities and games into our training programs.


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