Many of our clients have engaged us to help them carry our certain long-term change projects. As long as it falls within our area of expertise, we are willing to partner with you to work on it.

Below are some areas we can help you with:

Bridge the Communication Gap between Departments

It’s not uncommon to have communication gaps among departments within organization. Teams who don’t communicate well – because of previous misunderstandings or personal grudges – create a negative business environment. You could choose to let things cool down and return to normal on its own, but that’s unlikely to happen. In fact, sometimes things get worse and eventually affect business performance.
Our consultants will work with you through this process:
– Uncover the Root Cause
– Research Alternative Solutions
– Select the most Appropriate Solution
– Implement the Solution and Follow-Up

The Result?
When communication gaps are removed or minimized and departments start to cooperate, they create greater synergy, positive energy, higher motivation and enhanced business performance!

Customize Your Sales Process to close more Sales

Different sales people bring with them their ‘individual’ styles of selling. This is often a combination of the knowledge and experience they have accumulated. Individuality should be respected, but a significant gap in the sales process within one department might confuse your team and customers, and lead to inconsistent results.
Our consultants will work with you to:
– Understand your business and customers
– Identify the challenges faced by your sales people
– Customize a Sales Process for your organization
– Implement and Follow-up on the Progress

The Result?
Having a customized sales process gives your sales team greater direction to align their approach, resulting in greater sales performance and revenue for your organization!

Boost Your Customer Service to keep Customers coming back

The challenge businesses face today is that many companies offer similar products/services at almost the same price. How then do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? The answer is Customer Service. Something that costs very little but leaves a great impact. Some organizations go out of their way to make their customers feel special while others do the bare minimum. When it’s time for the customer to renew their contract, guess who they go to?
Our consultants will work with you to:
– Get feedback about your Current Service levels
– Decide the Customer Service Level you want to achieve
– Create SOPs, Manuals and Reminders
– Train your Leaders and Team members
– Follow Up to Ensure Implementation

The Result?
By setting a new standard in your industry (that competitors have a hard time keeping up with), your team members take pride in delivering service AND your customers keep coming back for the experience, translating into higher revenue for your business!

Create Marketing Materials that Look Amazing AND Achieve its Objectives

Your Marketing Materials speak volumes about your products/services and the value you bring to your customers. You not need only materials that are visually appealing but also able to achieve its objectives. Our approach is to thoroughly understand your audience, objective and products or services. Then we brainstorm the right content and the key points to highlight. Once we’re satisfied, then we work on the design to make it ‘look amazing’.
Our consultants will work with you on your:
– Corporate Presentations
– Prospectus and Company Profiles
– Marketing Brochures and Handouts
– Sales Presentations and Proposals

The Result?
We help you strategize, structure and create Marketing Material that look amazing AND achieve it’s objective, helping you achieve greater business goals in a shorter time!

Develop Training Materials that are Engaging AND Easy-to-Deliver

The job of developing training materials is normally given to the Content Expert. Though they are well-versed with their subject, but may not know how to convert this knowledge into effective training materials. With our years of experience, we can work in partnership with Content Experts and leverage on their knowledge to come up with training materials that add greatest value to your business.
Our consultants will work with you to come up with:
– Facilitator Guides
– Pre- and Post- Tests
– E-Learning Modules
– PowerPoint Slides & Videos
– Participant Workbook (Soft- & Hard-Copy)
– Supporting Posters & Reminder Cards

The Result?
When your internal knowledge is converted into a world-class training experience, you now have professional materials, happy trainers and engaged participants, which add greater value to your business!

For more information on how we can help you achieve greater results, please send us an email at

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