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“Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly.
That’s why it’s so hard.”

David McCullough

Write Shorter, Simpler and Sharper.
Leave a Powerful Impression with your Emails.
Create Stronger Proposals that Get Accepted.

Importance to the Business

Writing is the most common forms of communication today – people see more of our writing than they see of us! Because of this, how we write (especially our emails) creates a powerful impression about us. Structure your message well and people form a positive impression about you – write poorly and it leaves a negative impression in people’s minds.

The Challenges Faced

Writing is a huge challenge for people today as many of them have not learnt the technique of how to write effectively (to achieve your objectives) and efficiently (using the least amount of time). From the correct subject line to the content and structure, all the way to the tone – people don’t really know what makes it effective or ineffective. And since so much of our communication today is written – a lot of it ends up getting rejected or even unanswered!

Our Unique Solution

We first start by helping people to understand the importance of writing in today’s world, and then spend time to understand their readers’ needs and how their message will benefit them. Next we create a powerful message, structure it logically and use the correct tone/voice. Lastly, we share the rules of netiquette and email management – how to manage their emails (and not get overwhelmed by it!). The result – people have a greater chance of getting the results they want through their writing!

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