Verbal VS Non-Verbal | Which is More Impactful in Getting our Message Across?

We communicate every day – it is a large part of our daily life. We communicate for a variety of reasons, one of the most important reasons is to persuade someone! And we do this through verbal and non-verbal cues.

Verbal Communication
Verbal conveys our message and feelings through words and sentences – that we normally speak or write (or nowadays, type or text!). In today’s digital world, we often use text-messaging to our family, friends, colleagues, and so on. And with gadgets in everyone’s hands, we use a lot of words and sentences to convey the message. But is this entirely effective?

Non-Verbal Communication
Non-Verbal are the messages we send without any words or sentences – including facial expressions, body postures, hand gestures, eye contact, voice etc. When we communicate, perhaps even unintentionally, our body language and voice play a crucial role in getting our message across. But can we communicate entirely using non-verbal cues?

We need the right mix of both!
In order to achieve the results we want, we need to have the correct words and complement it with the proper voice and body language. For example, we can use our eye contact to increase the perception of trustworthiness, our hand gestures to emphasize the main messages and our smile to make us likeable and believable. When typing or texting, we can use emoticons, stickers or GIFs to enhance your message.

No matter what our message is, our success depends on how effectively we are able to get it through our listeners. Being aware of what we say and how we say it is the first step to successful communication and persuading others. Combining both aspects – verbal and non-verbal – will make easier and more natural for us to inform others of our message, and avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunication that may happen.

This article was created by Debbi Haryanti
and edited by Gulshan Harjani

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