Secrets of Successful Sales Letters!

Sales gurus tell us that the best place to close a ‘sale’ is at face-to-face meetings.

However, getting an opportunity for a sales meeting can be quite challenging. We first have to identify the right person, get them interested (either through a sales letter or telephone call), and then request for a sales meeting.

If they trust you and believe you can add value to their business, you stand a chance. If not, you better be prepared for the “He’s-not-at-his-desk’ answer the next time you call.

To make your sales letters more convincing, here is some useful tips.

1. Make it easy-to-understand

By making your letter simple and to-the-point, it stands a higher chance of being read – one page and four paragraphs will normally do the trick. Use short, clear sentences and a clean, airy layout to make your letter readable. To draw emphasis to key points, you could bullet and/or bold them.

2. Put the key benefit in the beginning

Avoid having the key benefit in the middle or end – prospects may never reach that far. It’s good to make your subject line specific, for e.g. ‘Our Product Can Reduce Your Costs by 50%’. You could also include a testimonial from a satisfied client in the first paragraph to get your prospect interested in the rest of your letter.

3. Make it Persuasive

To persuade your prospect about the benefits of your product, use the carrot-and-stick method.

  1. Problem – When you are able to identify a possible problem the prospect may be facing, he/she immediately develops trust in you. For e.g. ‘Salespeople are facing a difficulty in selling as they have not received proper sales training for the current market conditions.’
  2. Consequence – Here’s the time to mention the impact to the business if the problem above is not addressed. This normally makes your prospects more willing to listen to your solution. For e.g. ‘If salespeople are not given the right knowledge and skills, revenue and profits may start to decline.’
  3. Solution – Now, when they’re ready, give them your recommended solution. For e.g. ‘Salespeople who have previously joined our training programs have reported a 20-50% rise in revenue. Our training programs can help your salespeople increase their revenue and profits.’

4. Close with your next move

The closing need not be a request to buy your product or service. Instead it could be – ‘Thank you for your time. I will call you Monday afternoon for a time to share with you how we can add value to your organization.’

5. Your letter is not your sales pitch – it’s a sales tool!

Many salespeople oversell their product or service in their letter, hoping their prospective customer will immediately make a decision to buy. However, you must understand that your objective here is not to make the sale, but to build sufficient trust.

Once you build sufficient trust, you have already done half the deal. Now you (and your prospect) are ready for the sale.


Please remember Customer is a King, so treat them like a KING. This means everything you have to say is should good for them NOT you; everything you have to explain should benefits them NOT you, and everything that you propose should sounds good for THEM not for you.

Give more time for yourself to understand your customer before presenting your product.

This article was made by Gulshan Harjani

And was posted at The Jakarta Post – 16 October 2006

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